A Growing demand for AI Chips

Ai Chips everywhere!

  • The red hot AI hardware or AI Chip space is getting even hotter. Today there is growing demand and interest in AI Chips by Start-ups and Industry giants alike.  
  • With the tech industry’s latest boom, (AI) artificial intelligence, came the growing demand for new and more powerful kinds of computer chips. Suddenly, venture capitalists started flocking to  AI chip start-up companies.  Venture capitalists invested more than US$1.5 billion in chip startups last year.  
  • Even China has shown a growing interest in exploring and developing its own AI chips. Beijing companies, Horizon Robotics and Cambricon, which is backed by the Chinese government. raised  millions of dollars and another Beijing chip startup, DeePhi,raised US$40 million. 
  • Chinese tech giant Alibaba recently announced plans to develop its own AI Chips.
  • Now it seems like Facebook is  looking to design and build its own processors, AI Chips at some point in the future.  
  • It seems as if Tech companies are now racing each other to make their own custom AI Chips.

The Tech Giants are building their own AI Chips!

  •  AI and AI Chip development has become a global battle with large players and tech companies around the world investing in AI research and developing their own  semiconductors etc. Tech Industry giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba are now exploring building their own AI Chips.  Some are also investing heavily or acquiring AI Chip companies.
  • AI chips are one of the main targets of China’s push for AI growth and  development.  Alibaba recently announced that they are developing their own neural network chip, the Ali-NPU, which will be used in AI applications, such as image video analysis, machine learning, etc.
  • Google’s Cloud Tensor Processing Units are now available for public use. Google earlier this year said it would allow other companies to buy access to their AI chips and AI Chips technology, via its cloud-computing service. 

The future of AI (Artificial Intelligence in Canada.

  • The future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) looks very bight for Canada.  In fact Toronto's tech industry is booming so its no surprise that it's also emerged as a hub for AI Job opportunities. 
  • Toronto-based secured a $5 million seed round. Another Canadian company, Montreal based Element AI, recently raised $135 M from some of the biggest names in Tech. Element AI was founded last October to help companies that might not have much experience in artificial intelligence start using the technology to change the way they do business. 
  • Element AI is now hiring over 100 employees for its new office in Toronto as it seeks to expand its operations.
  •  DeepMind’s opened its first ever international AI research office in Edmonton, Canada, in close collaboration with the University of Alberta. It was Deep Mind's first non-UK research lab, and the fact that the did so in Edmonton shows the deep admiration and respect they have for Canadian AI research and development.. 

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