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Ai Chips, Ai Cloud, Ai Edge, Conversational Ai, Ai Brands

Ai Chips

  • The red hot AI hardware or AI Chip space is getting even hotter. Today there is growing demand and interest in AI Chips by Start-ups and Industry giants alike.   With the tech industry’s latest boom, (AI) artificial intelligence, came the growing demand for more powerful kinds of computer chips. 

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Ai In The Cloud

  • Cloud providers are now positioning themselves to offer a comprehensive stack that delivers AI as a Service. The likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, are major players in the Ai Cloud space and they are battling to increase their market share, in the increasing competitive Ai cloud services space.

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Ai on The Edge

  • Ai On The Ede or Edge Ai is  where AI applications runs on small devices.  Devices using Edge AI don't need to be connected in order to work, it can process data, make decisions without a connection.  Via Edge AI, intelligence and data processing is done locally on small devices, instead of via the cloud. 

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AiMediaHouse - Brands/Assets

  • Ai Media house owns  a variety of Ai related website brands and domains including :
  • AiChips.io, AiInTheCloud.com, AiOnTheEdge.com,
  • AiTvChannel.com,
  • MachineLearningChips.com,
  • AiChipsets.net,
  • AiComputerChips.com,
  • AiTimeMagazine.com,              
  • Chinas.ai and more.

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Conversational AIs / Ai Bots

  • Conversational AI systems are computers that we interact with via more natural forms of conversation. Conversational AIs are a huge improvement in the way we interact with computers. Instead of using touchscreens, or a mouse, we're able to use our voices to request services, data etc. Voice-enabled devices like Amazon Echo are able to communicate with us in ways that feel more natural, effortless, human like. 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blog

  • Via our (Artificial Intelligence) AI  blog, get access to news, articles, resources and videos about (AI) artificial intelligence,  and robotics. You will find useful AI Content on a variety of topics including AI Chips, Conversational AI, Voice AI, Ai Edge, Ai Cloud Services, Ai Start-ups, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Ai conferences, Ai Bots, Conversational AIs, Ai Resources, Ai Research centers, Ai funding, Ai courses and much more. 


Get featured on our AI TV Channel

We can help your AI Start-up, Ai Chip or Ai Services company

Increase your Online Visibility and Generate more leads.

Remember to list your AI company in our AI Directory, Submit your request for a feature in our AI TIMES magazine and our AI TV Channel. Also utilize our Pitch Your AI service.

Our aim is to help AI companies promote their AI Chips or Ai Cloud services, to the masses. If you're an AI giant, AI Chip startup or you're thinking of entering this competitive yet very lucrative AI Chips or AI Cloud services space, we can help your company increase it's online presence and visibility. Via some of our category defining domains, you can position yourself as a market leader and more leads will eventually start coming to you. There is no greater competitive advantage than owning and/or utilizing the exact matching domain of the product or service your company provides. If you sell, design or manufacture AI Chips, it would make perfect sense to own or utilize a domain such as AiChips.io or AiComputerChips.com.  If you offer Ai Services via the cloud, then a name such as AiInTheCloud.com would be perfect.

These strategic Assets/Domains are effective marketing tools for AI companies.

  • With strategic assets/domains including Chinas.ai, AIChips.io, AIChip.io, AIComputerChips.com, AIComputerChip.co, AiChip.ca, AiChips.ca, you can position your company as a market leader in the AI space, especially in the increasingly competitive yet very lucrative AI space in China and around the world.  
  • These domains are some of the best descriptive domains in the AI space right now. They describe some of the services or products you provide and you can build these out as stand alone sites or simply forward these to your existing websites.    
  • These assets can be used as marketing tools, defensive tools and much more. Better yet, they will surely increase in value over the next few years.

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Lease or Buy any of our assets and let the domains work for you. With the growing popularity of AI and the AI Industry in general, these assets will only increase in value. Please contact us if you're interested in leasing or owning any of our assets.

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